Friday, December 23, 2011

From Survival to Winning

From Survival to Winning

I am a survivor
And refused to yield
Or compromise
Less I forget

While the days of my youth be gone
And my final days ahead are nearer
The goal I seek and strive for
Remain the same as ever

For it never is the final goal
I treasure every day
But it is the daily goal
Of which I have a say

Today I will succeed
And not just survive
But stretch the boundaries
Of the time I can control

Johnny Ray

1 comment:

  1. Sir John,

    I took the opportunity to visit your blog and to read some of your poems. Nice work here. I love this poem here much. The colour of your starting page is a bit too dark, which depresses me. Overall I appreciate what you provide here, especially for other starting artists like me, love AM