Friday, December 23, 2011



I know you’re there—somewhere
Waiting for me to find you
To finally see you face to face
But where among the multitudes

I focus on one face in the crowd
And blink my eyes in disappointment
Frustrated I push forward in vain
Hoping for a miracle to happen

While my heart continues to beat faster
And I know I should breathe slower
My feet do not listen
Or my eyes diminish their search

For while people pass me as a blur
And a suffocating fear of the unknown
Overtakes me as I panic
I fight back the hard cold reality

I press on in spite of the obstacles
Looking for only one
Knowing you are here somewhere
Hopefully looking for me

Then, I stop and stare
Your face is much like I suspected
An angel in the midst
of a world so out of place


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