Friday, December 23, 2011

Memories of our first kiss

Memories of our first kiss

If I could relive only one moment in time
And remember every detail
It would have to be our first kiss
When we met so long ago

The moment when my world
Grew into a fantastic white glow
Drowning out time itself
Leaving us alone

The sound of your breath
Slightly louder than your heart
Restrained a whisper
Or perhaps a moan

The warmth of your skin
Radiated so close to my lips
Tempting them to move forward
To unite with your own

The slightest purse your lips offered
Signaled your willingness
To engage with mine
As I edged closer

The slightest touch registered
As my eyes wanted to close
But my mind refused
To yield to the desire

For I wanted to remember this moment in time
Pressed deep in my heart
And preserving the memory forever
Of our first kiss

Johnny Ray

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