Friday, December 23, 2011



Resting under the sheets
Snuggled into a perfect world
My eyes open to observe the darkness
Cloaking my existence

My world is hidden here
Deep inside this barrier
Perfectly protected
Perfectly at peace

For here I’m allowed to roam
To visit places in my mind
I’ve visited in real life
Or invented on my own

For dreams I might not control
Anymore than the real world
But in this middle world
I have complete control

But it is not a lonely world
Far from it
I listen to gentle breathing
From one so close

For while my love does sleep
And rest for another day
I can stand as a guardian
And dream while still awake

For in order to rest
I need to know I have someone
Someone who loves me
As much as I love them

For while my love does sleep
A smile forms upon the face
Of an angel drifting off in space
Leaving me to guard a heavenly body

After offering a gentle kiss
I close my eyes
And drift to sleep
Secured in love


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